Portrait of Sam Erickson I am a student at Vancouver Island University currently pursuing a B.S.c in computer science. I hope to eventually get my P.H.d in computer science and become a university computer science professor.

I developed a love for programing while playing the game Minecraft. I began by learning about commands within the game, with the goal of obtaining more resources and items faster. I began reading on the subject and wondered what other games I could do this with.

Around this time I was in my grade 12 year, and the library in my home town wanted to host Minecraft sessions where school kids could learn about computers through playing the game. Someone mentioned to the librarians that I had experience with programming within the game, and they reached out to me.

I decided to teach Minecraft for a couple weeks that spring. This required that I learn how to create a game server, as I wanted all the kids to be ale to play together. So I spent lots of my spare time learning about Java servers and how to make mine better. At the beginning I was just teaching how to play the game, but near the end some of the kids who would come everyday were interested in knowing how I was so good at the game, and they wanted to learn how to do the things I was doing. This is when I discovered my passion for teaching others how to program. Though teaching kids how to “hack” a video game.

I am now in my second year at Vancouver Island University currently learning programming in C++ though many other languages are needed in my classes.